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For our sustainable BGREEN capsule collection, environmentally friendly materials and production methods are very important to us. As a consequence, our fabrics are exclusively made from recycled polyester and OCS or GOTS certified organic cotton which is grown pesticide-free. The indigo dyeing process is especially resource-friendly due to a reduction of the water consumption by 95 percent. In the subsequent washing process, we avoid chemicals and no bleaching agents are used. A large portion of the wastewater is cleaned and re-used.

We take responsibility and have our products tested using ‘Environmental Impact Measuring’. The EIM Software has been developed by Jeanologica to enable textile companies to evaluate their production methods in respect of their ecological and ethical impact. Both the use of water and chemicals as well as energy efficiency and the well-being of the workers are being rated. As part of our sustainability concept, we strive to reach the optimal value of 0 – 33 which means the minimal environmental damage possible.

In addition, we choose to use environmentally friendly and vegan accessories. Our Buttons and rivets are produced with optimized methods using only a minimum of energy and water and nearly free of chemicals. We prioritize recyceling: Our Zippers as well as the sewing thread are made from recycled polyester. Our packaging consists of re-used raw materials and our tags are exclusively made from recycled paper. We decided against using leather labels. The short routes of transport through the direct surrounding regions of Europe are beneficial for the CO2-footprint and are a valuable contribution to climate protection.

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