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Blue Fire Co. Jeans and Pants - Favourite Pants and Jeans for every shape

Blue Fire Co. jeans and pants fit perfectly every type of body shape thanks to an ergonomic cut. For every woman there is a pair of jeans that perfectly matches her shape. Whether skinny, slim, straight, mom fit, flared or relaxed - Blue Fire Co. guarantees the perfect and ideal fit for every body type.


Blue Fire Co. jeans and pants are available in skinny, slim, straight, mom, bootcut, carrot, flared, cropped flare and relaxed fits.


Skinny fits are those typical very tight pants and jeans. Due to a high proportion of stretch material, such as spandex, the jeans and pants fit tightly around your legs while still remaining very comfortable. The innovative super stretch quality BFINE ensures a high wearing comfort. Pants and jeans in the skinny fit are Tyra, Alicia, Chloe, Mila, Ashley, Lara and Capri.


Pants in a slim cut fit closely around thighs, but have a slightly wider hem width around the legs than jeans and pants in a skinny fit. The styles Nancy, Bermuda and Alexa are ladies’ pants and jeans in a slim fit.


Straight fit jeans are women's jeans or trousers cut close to the body. Typical for this type of jeans is the tight fit around the buttocks and thighs and the straight legs. Straight fit jeans or pants are the all-rounder amongst the different pant cuts and fit every body shape. The straight fit sits closely around the body, but has still a wider cut than a skinny or slim fit jeans. Julie is a straight fit jeans.


The Mom Jeans is a carrot pant that reaches up to the waist (high rise). The popular women's trousers continue on the thigh and bottom and run narrowly to the ankle (Tapered). The slightly wider cut casually wraps around the hips and makes a flat stomach thanks to the high waist. The jeans models in Mom Fit are Sophie and Rita.


Relaxed fit styles are perfect for an uncomplicated and stylish look. The loosely cut relaxed fit jeans or pants for women are flexible and can be combined in a sporty or classy way. These fits usually have their waistbands at a low to medium waist height. The relaxed cut fits loosely, the leg is narrow. This look is cosy and super comfortable at the same time. The ladies pants Jackie and Olivia are relaxed fit pants.


The name says it all: this jeans has the perfect cut for boots. Bootcut jeans have a slightly flared leg so that the pants fit over the boots. Vicky is a bootcut jeans.


Flared jeans, also called bell-bottoms, are even wider at the leg than boot cut jeans. Pants that are cut even wider, sometimes from the hip, such as culotte jeans, Marlene pants and palazzo pants, are the new must-haves. The ladies' pants Judy and Emma (cropped flare) are flared jeans.


In addition to the different fits or cuts, Blue Fire Co. offers women's jeans and pants in deep, medium and high waist heights.


Low deep jeans and pants have a deep waist - about 20.5 cm high. The jeans and pants Tyra, Alicia, Chloe, Mila and Olivia have a deep waist.


Jeans or pants that are called mid rise have a medium or normal waist height of about 23 cm. Alexa, Ashley, Bermuda, Capri, Emma, Jackie and Nancy are all jeans or pants with a moderate waist height.


The current trendsetter - high rise jeans or pants - has a very high waistband or high waist. The waist height of high rise pants is between 25 and 29 cm. The jeans Judy, Julie, Rita, Sofie, Vicky and Lara have a high waist.

You have chosen the perfect shape and the right height for yourself? Now all you have to do is choose between the many details, colours and special washes. The elastic seams and special materials produce a soft grip and thus ensure excellent wearing comfort.


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